demand generation

with marketing automation

Marketing automation
for demand generation:

How to jump-start your lead acquisition & nurturing.


If you’re marketing in the B2B space, you’ve doubtless heard a lot about marketing automation and how it can enable you to massively scale your demand generation efforts. But there’s a lot more to marketing automation than meets the eye. Different platforms work in different ways and offer varying functionality. Pricing is all over the map. And truth be told, there is a significant learning curve to effectively use any marketing automation platform, never mind just choosing the right platform for your particular business case.

It’s not as complicated as rocket science…but it does have a significant learning curve to use properly.  At BRANDVIVO™, we’ve already done the hard work of learning how this stuff works and how to properly apply it. We’d like to help you do the same. We’ll work with you to map out your demand funnel, design your sales and marketing processes, evaluate automation platforms and create the set-up that will help your team to attract and nurture leads on an unprecedented scale.

We’ll help you make sense of all. For a free initial consultation, fill out the short form at the right or simply contact us at or 858/224/2098.