Your website: fixed navigation or scroll?

Which is better for your website?
Fixed main menu, or scroll off the page?

I was recently working with my favorite WordPress theme, Divi, starting to build a brand new website for a client. I wanted to include a notification bar, also known as a “Hello” bar – that horizontal strip at the top of the page with a call to action and a button. These bars typically ask you to sign up for a newsletter or take advantage of a limited-time offer.

To my dismay, I couldn’t get the notification bar to display properly at all. I tried multiple different plugins to try to enable the bar. No luck.

So I did what we all do. I did a Google search to see if this is a known problem and how to fix it. I tried adding a snippet of CSS code I found in one article. Still no luck.

Then it dawned on me. I had turned on the fixed navigation bar in my theme, where the main menu lives. That means, as you scroll down the web page, the main menu stays fixed at the top of the page, so you always see it, and don’t have to scroll back to the top to get back to it.

This was breaking the notification bar.

I switched off the fixed navigation and voila! The notification bar worked perfectly.

So then I wondered: what am I giving up by losing the fixed navigation bar and main menu? Would this lessen the user experience, and make the site seem less dynamic, less user-friendly, less – modern?

Once again, I Googled. I found an article that told me that some people like the fixed bar, and others don’t. Then I decided to see how the big boys are doing it. So I looked up the sites of some of the biggest brands in the world: Apple. Amazon. IBM. Microsoft. Samsung. Paypal. Starbucks.

Guess what? None of these websites have fixed navigation. You scroll down the page, and the main menu disappears.

Now, I’m betting these companies know a thing or two about user experience and marketing on the Internet. So it stands to reason that you’ve probably got nothing to lose by losing the fixed navigation — and, if you’re working with certain themes in WordPress, you’re gaining the ability to add the “Hello” bar.


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