Greetings! Welcome to BRANDVIVO, and welcome to our advice and perspectives column, “The 360˚ View.”

Branding is our passion. Great branding for our clients is our mission. So we spend a lot of time observing best practices from around the world, and digesting lessons learned and perspectives gained from our own experience as practitioners.

Here is where we will share our learnings with you. Our purpose is to give you the richest possible context for framing and delivering on your brand promise – that is, to “live your brand.”

Living your brand means putting the culture, processes, people and assets in place to ensure delivering the superlative experience you are promising to your customers. In other words, you don’t just talk the talk, you walk the walk – in every aspect of your business.

That’s why we talk about 360˚ Brand. Brand is so much more than simply your messaging and visual appearance. It is everything that affects the customer experience, including:

  • Product quality
  • Customer service
  • Finances – will your company be here tomorrow to support customers?
  • Operations – can you deliver quality products and service, on time, with the right level of support?
  • Culture – does your internal team walk the walk, and convey the brand you’ve worked so hard to communicate to customers?
  • Strategic direction and market positioning
  • Value proposition and messaging
  • Visual identity
  • Marketing communications
  • Corporate social responsibility, ethics, values and behavior – do you act in a way that your customers can respect and endorse?

A quick a powerful example: someone or some people made the strategic decision at Volkswagen (and Audi) to build diesel cars that did not run as cleanly as advertised (or legally required). This was an operational decision. It was an ethical decision. It was also dishonest. And they got caught. As a result, the overall brand of Volkswagen has been essentially crippled, and will remain so for some time. Ironically, Audi’s tagline was “Truth in Engineering.” This is just one example of how we must take a holistic view of company strategy and operations when building and maintaining a credible, compelling brand.

That’s what we’re all about here at BRANDVIVO, and that is what this column is devoted to – to help you make the very best decisions in support of your brand, one of your most important revenue-generating assets.

See you on the Brander’s journey!